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Testimonies from some of our great customers!

Emily B.  May 25th, 2017 (Facebook)

Awesome place!!! I went yesterday with my husband, and for me it was my first time. I fell and flipped the ATV almost immediately so our tour guide gave me a mini lesson so i could get comfortable. He stopped a few times and took pictures and videos for us and reall wanted to make sure we were having fun. We were able to pretty much go whereever we wanted and we could go fast too. I definitely reccomend this place to anyone who wants to have fun. I will definitely be back when my step son is old enough to ride in a year and a half!!

Tom S. July 8th, 2017 (Google)

My dad and I spent the day here a few weeks ago. We had a great time. The staff was very nice. We brought my dirtbike and rode and then took the ATV Tour. Our tour guide was also very nice. The tour was great and was a ton of fun. We will definitely come back!

Anna l. July 11th, 2017 (Yelp)

If you ar looking for something fun and taking an ATV and going faster than 5 to 10 mph I suggest this place! My firend and I came here as our first activity for my birthday trip in the Poconos! We decided to rent two ATV's and had Shaun as our insrtuctor. Shaun was incredible, he took us through the trails and knew exactly when to slow down and wait for us and wouls gauge how we are doing and decide weather or not to take us  through more off-roading trails, mud, small banks, or the giant dirt track. While on one of the turns my ATV got stuck and i jumped off. I was a little worried because i was last in line and couldnt see Shaun or my friend infront of me anymore. But before I knew it he appeared and hastily got everything back on track. For first timers like myself I suggest you to use your head and be safe. These are off-roading trails so it is bumpy with trees!....ect.

Brian H. June 2017 (Facebook)

Gotta say, been waiting forever for someone to open up in the area and someone finnaly did. Absolutely love it here. Staff are excelent people. Its on the smaller side but it is somewhere you can rip and not get in trouble lol! Current a season Pass holder and will always be as long as I am in the area or they remain open. Love it!

Joshua M. January 2017 (Facebook)

This place was awesome!! My family and I were in the Poconos on vacation from Virgina. We were out one day and decided we had to find something to do and the reviews online led me to Alvins. We were not quite prepared for the weather. It was already cold but the temp did not stop us. The temp dropped another 10 degrees on the way up the mountain. So it was quite cold. When we arrived the staff asked is we had any additional cold weather gear because we would need it. When we told them we did not they litteraly took the clothes off their back sweatshirts, jackets, and gloves and gave them to me and my family to wear. It was totally awesome!! This was the highlight of our vacation. The ATVs were awesome and brand new. Jeremy took us out on the trails and took us through the entire park. We had a lot of fun on the ice and he really let us enjoy the ATVs. ....ect.